Name Label for URIs

I consult for multiple very large enterprise companies who have hundreds of web services with very benign names like These all use the same SSO login credential but finding my way back to them is impossible without book marking them with a descriptive name of what they are. Previous password managers I’ve used managed this by allowing a simultaneous password change on all login cards with the same primary domain and/or creating multiple URLs within the same password card. This is similar to the URI feature in Bitwarden with the exception there’s no way to name each URI - which makes them rather useless. Please add a feature to auto change all pass cards with the same primary domain or add a “Name” field for each URI added to a pass card.

What sort of name would you assign to a URI? Just trying to understand the use case.

Hi Dan,

Here’s a real-world scenario with some character changes for privacy:

Name: Forti Analyzer


I also run into this with my Microsoft and other vender partnerships where using my same login but a site deep in the bowels that I’d never remember how to get back to, essentially this is similar to book marking.

Please let me know if that helps,


I am also not sure I understand your problem correctly, Ed – why is it not possible/practical to store each web URI in your browser and then simply add each URI within one Bitwarden item that stores your company’s SSO credential (username/password)?

Hi David,

For just one of my customers I have over fifty pass cards and every 90 days I have to change the AD password. I resort to exporting my pass cards, updating the new password in the csv file and then reimporting them back in. So the only way to manage this is to either have a single pass card with the 50+ URIs which each can be logically named, or for Bitwarden to provide a functionality to updated all pass cards with the same primary domain.

Make sense?


No, sorry. What is a pass card? And are you saying that you have one Bitwarden entry for every URI? If so, you are not using Bitwarden as it was intended, and I encourage you to add all your URIs to one Bitwarden entry per credential.

If I am missing something obvious, I do apologize. I admit I am having trouble understanding your issue! Cheers.

Hi David,

That brings us full circle to my feature request. Since many of the URI’s I deal with are non descriptive, for example a server name or sub, sub, sub domain, my request is to add a “Name” field to each URI entry to properly identify what its link is.


I think that’s what browser bookmarks are for. Please keep an open mind to the suggestions presented.

The name of the vault entry would suffice, surely? One vault entry, one set of credentials, multiple URIs where those credentials apply. I’m not sure where it would be useful to know that one URI is for a particular system. If the same credentials are used for every URI in the entry, then it doesn’t matter what the URIs relate to. You just need to know that when you visit a particular URI, the right credentials will be filled in.

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I think the issue is combining two items:

  1. Multiple labels - which works fine with 1 login per ‘item’ that has a name
  2. Changing the passwords for associated sites at the same time - if you have all the URIs under one item, it’s hard to tell what site does what, but easy to change the password.

I’m not sure if labeling URIs or another solution would be best here - but I do see the scenario, and can absolutely empathize with these seemingly purposefully confusing domains :crazy_face:

Hi Trey,

You are spot on, and I’m glad you understand the use case and frustration here. All other password managers provide the capability to change all passwords under a primary domain in one step or they allow multiple URL naming under a single login.

For example: Lastpass uses “Equivalent Domains” to change all password logins for a primary domain, 1password allows naming each URI.

I’ve used all of the top password managers and love Bitwarden, but this is definitely a painful shortfall at password reset time and one that should be very easily remedied. I hope this can be addressed.