Name field vs username in dropdown list

Using Mac OSX current Macbook Pro 2023, and DuckDuckGo. After allowing access to bitwarden from the browser, in the dropdown for websites in the same domain, it shows the username as the options. This is an issue if the same username is used for several sites in that domain. It would be much better to use the Name field rather than the username so we can distinguish between the logins.

I second that.
I just came across this very same problem. In the case of domains with multiple subdomains where you create a different password for each subdomain but use the same email (=which often is the username) it is necessary to be able to specify which one we are talking about. Currently, I have to open BitWarden and manually copy the correct one from the entry with the subdomain.
Ideally, you’d want to display the Name AND the Username in the dropdown menu. Or at least have the option to do that.

(I’m also on a Mac with DuckDuckGo with BitWarden as default – not sure if other browsers handle this differently.)

Actually, the perfect example is this very site!
I have two different passwords for
vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com
community [dot] bitwarden [dot] com
both with the same email address.

Every time the prompt shows me both options with no way to tell which is which since both have the same username (my email).