Multiple sites use same login, but slightly different username


I work in IT, and I’m having an interesting issue that I can’t seem to find others having. I have one domain login which is used on multiple sites. I have a single login object in bitwarden set up with URL match detection for all these sites, but there’s a problem: some of the sites require a slightly different username to log in.


  1. Most sites want the login to be username
  2. vmware requires login be domain/username
  3. Other sites require login to be [email protected]

I have been able to use the custom fields option to some effect, but the problem is that some of these sites use the same input ID, and there’s no option in the custom field to associate them to specific URLs.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can customize the username on a per-site basis, or perhaps create multiple logins which all link to a single password, and so when I change the domain password, all the logins would be changed at once?

Any help you can offer would be appreciated,