Multiple FIDO U2F Keys

I bought two FIDO U2F keys. The intention was to use one on my key ring and the other as backup in case I lost it.

I was surprised to find out that you can only have one active at a time. Is there a reason for this limitation or can the number of key be increased like the Yubico keys?

This isn’t really a solution, more of a workaround, but you could use one with FIDO U2F and the other as TOTP.

Can you elaborate? How would I do this?

Enable Two-Step login for FIDO U2F, hit the manage button beside it. Register your first key for that method. Then for the Yubico method, hit the manage button beside it and use the other key:

I understand that, but I have two FIDO keys. The one I bought on amazon says its Yubico but it only works with bitwarden as FIDO.

Ah, gotcha. If it doesn’t support TOTP, then the method I suggested won’t work. I was under the impression it supported TOTP. You’re right, would need the feature to link multiple U2F keys for that setup to work.

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