Setting up multiple Yubikeys on multiple OS

I want to use Yubikey for USB for my desktop PC. Also Yubikey 5ic for my ipad. So, how can I add both? If I have the USB Yubikey in my PC set up, I cannot get into bitwarden on my ipad because i cannot use the USB Yubikey on my ipad. How do I do this? Thanks.

You can add up to 5 FIDO/U2F keys for Bitwarden login. Use the website for that.

I think I see what is the problem (please correct me if I’m wrong)
You have 2 keys - 1 with USB (in PC) and 1 for iPad (some other interface, missing in PC), so you couldn’t add both during same session.
If that isthe case, you need to configure some other 2FA method temporary in additon to yubikeys (like email of authenticator app):

  1. create some temporary 2FA and add your 1st yubikey on your current platform and save changes
  2. switch to opposite platform and autenticate using temp. 2FA instead of yubikey
  3. add you 2nd yubikey and disable temp. 2FA method, save changes
    –> you are done

BTW, when working with hardware keys, it is always better to have at least 2 with similar interface - to use 2nd as a backup and store in safe place in case you’ll loose or break 1st one - in this scenario both have to be assigned to same accounts

In addition to what has been said:

Looking at the specifications.

  1. assuming a YubiKey 5 then that has NFC, as does the NFC version of the Security Key. I assume both can connect to an Apple contraption via NFC (I’m not familiar with all the connection methods on Apple contraptions).

  2. assuming a typo and it is a YubiKey 5Ci then adapter leads are available from the likes of Ebay. A YubiKey behaves like a keyboard and if you can plug a keyboard into an Apple contraption or PC then the same is true for a YubiKey.

As Jochem says, you can register multiple keys to a Bitwarden account. That is true for most other accounts too, though there are a few exceptions. A maximum of five keys strikes me as being more than enough for a Bitwarden account.

In addition, you may want to buy less capable or older keys from the likes of Ebay, with the appropriate connectors, as backups. I bought some YubiKey 4s cheaply in order to use them in this way. Ideally I will never have to use them, but if I do they were a cheap way of having spare keys. One of them has the fairly well known key generation fault, but that is irrelevant to their potential uses for me.

That worked. Thank you.

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I read few contradicting things about using an adapter to use Yubikey5 on Ipad. Do you know for sure that works?

To be blunt, I have no idea. I don’t have one and, anyway, I don’t know how yours is setup and what software is running on it which may cause trouble.

All I can say is that if a keyboard can be connected to the Apple contraption via one then a YubiKey should work too. They emulate keyboards.

The last such adapter that I bought was a pack of one USB to micro USB with a short lead and one without any lead. That pack cost me less than €2.50, including postage.