Multiple credentials under single vault entry / auto-generate custom fields

Feature name

  • Allow multiple credentials under a single login/vault entry item

Feature function

Often websites/applications have multiple credentials and/or I also like the ability to manage multiple user credentials under a single entry. Example with multiple credentials: community forums are typically a separate login from a main website. To me it makes more sense to store both sets of credentials under a single item.

I also share a vault with my wife so we both have access to all the same credentials. When she and I have different sets of credentials for the same website, it doesn’t make sense to me to have to create two different login items to store our credentials. I would like to be able to store two separate usernames and passwords under a single entry.

Currently, I am able to somewhat accomplish this using the “custom fields” function, but the “hidden” custom field option does not allow me to auto-generate a password like I am able to do for the primary password field.

The main benefit of this request is that multiple login entries could be cleaned up and condensed to a single row. This is far easier to search for and organize.

I don’t see how searching will be made easier. For example, if you search for “Bitwarden”, you will immediately see all four items listed (the vault logins and community forum logins for you and for your wife); under your proposal, you would see a single item in the search results (the consolidated item for How is this “easier”?

As far as organization of related items, have you considered using nested folders? You could have a “Bitwarden” subfolder that contains all of the Bitwarden-related vault items.

From my point of view, I see your suggestion causing more problems than benefits, and based on the major changes that would be required to the code to implement such a feature, I don’t think it is likely to occur (I have no connection to Bitwarden other than being a user, so this is just an educated guess on my part). Therefore, I hope that the nested folder work-around I have suggested above will help you with keeping your logins organized (which seems to have been the main reason for your request).

I mean, it’s confusing and cluttered to have multiple items show up from the same search result. I personally hate the clutter of having multiple entries, but I must be in the minority on this one. I agree with you that it would potentially be a big change to implement, so it’s likely that it won’t be implemented. At least I can ask to see if others find the clutter as annoying as I do. Oh well. I’ll just start creating multiple entries and deal with it.