Multiple containers restarting (fresh install)


I have just reinstalled Bitwarden self-hosted (docker), completed the initial setup and added one account.
I added SMTP settings and then restarted using ./ restart
Since then I have the following containers unhealthy in restart loops:

bitwarden/nginx:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes (healthy) 80/tcp,>8080/tcp, :::80->8080/tcp,>8443/tcp, :::443->8443/tcp bitwarden-nginx
bitwarden/admin:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Restarting (139) 34 seconds ago bitwarden-admin
bitwarden/attachments:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes (healthy) bitwarden-attachments
bitwarden/api:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Restarting (139) 41 seconds ago bitwarden-api
bitwarden/sso:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Restarting (139) 22 seconds ago bitwarden-sso
bitwarden/mssql:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes (healthy) bitwarden-mssql
bitwarden/web:2023.10.1 “/” 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes (healthy) bitwarden-web
bitwarden/events:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Restarting (139) 21 seconds ago bitwarden-events
bitwarden/notifications:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Restarting (139) 19 seconds ago bitwarden-notifications
bitwarden/icons:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Up 9 minutes (healthy) 5000/tcp bitwarden-icons
bitwarden/identity:2023.10.2 “/” 9 minutes ago Restarting (139) 25 seconds ago

I cannot login via admin as it’s down and also cannot login to web as identity is also down, any help would be appreciated!

Thank you, Chris

Hello, Chris! Welcome to our community forum. You won’t be able to identify the issue solely from this message. Perhaps you could check the Docker containers’ logs to see if there’s any relevant information there.

Hi @chrischerry, welcome to Community!

If you haven’t been able to resolve this yet, I recommend reaching out to our support team directly for assistance.