BitWarden Self Host - Docker not Loading Containers after updateconf

Hey guys,

I hope someone have seen this before and might help me.

I started to self-host Bitwarden on a Linux VM. After the initial setup, everything is working fine.

Then I wanted to change something in the global.override.env → I save it and then do a sudo ./ rebuild.

After this, I can’t create or login with an account anymore.
“Error fetching network”

I started to analyze and noticed - before I rebuild - the $docker ps shows me all sorts of Bitwarden Containers.

But after I do the rebuild command - the $docker ps is empty and there are no containers shown.

I tried to start them with $docker ps -a -q and even restarted the VM, but nothing seems to work.

I hope someone can help me here :), thanks!

after rebuild, you should start bitwarden: ./ start.
you get the “Error fetching network” because your instance is down and you see the cached contetent.

start your bitwarden and see if any specific container has error.

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Sometimes it’s as simple as that, thank you!

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