Move items to different organization

Is there a way to move items in one organization to another organization both of which my account has access?

Not directly, no. Once an item is in the organization, it is owned by the organization.

But what you can do is clone the item to your personal vault and then move it to the second organization. Once you have successfully completed this, you can delete the original if you like. Cheers!

OK - that’s unfortunate.
Is there a way to move items between collections in the same organization?
To be clear - is there a bulk method of moving items to another collection?
Is there a bulk cloning method?

I can’t believe there aren’t any other data management methods than!?! Please tell me I’m missing something?

Some bulk operations are available if you use the web interface (e.g., for Bitwarden-hosted organizations, you would use the website to perform bulk operations).

I believe some of the Bitwarden folks have mentioned that they are working on some improvements to bulk operations, but I am not sure where they are at or what those improvements will be.

In the meantime, if you would like to see more capabilities added, feel free to add your votes to support some of the more commonly requested features so that they “rise up” in the priority queue for consideration by the devs:


So basically - there’s no easy way to do this other than cast “votes” - I really do like BW for all it does, but making it near impossible to easily manage data once it’s in BW seems like a HUGE oversight for whoever makes those decisions.

Just as LP made a huge misstep with their user base which led to a mass exodus - wouldn’t be much for one of the other established firms (or another new startup) to offer a significant discount for current paid BW members to siphon them away.

Does the Enterprise version also have these limitations? If so, then that’s one way to ensure not having wide-spread adoption.

That said - thanks for replying - even if it’s to confirm there is no good answer at the moment.

The user interface for managing items within organizations is the same regardless of whether you are an enterprise subscriber or not, to the best of my knowledge. Perhaps @dwbit can correct me if I am wrong.

Please remember that Bitwarden is the newest password manager on the enterprise scene and many features are still being implemented, including what you are seeking. Also, they aren’t the size of the big players like 1Password (a $6.8 B company with 100s of employees), so development priorities seem to be very focused at the moment.

Thankfully, the BW folks seem to be churning out improvements all the time regardless, so I have no doubt that this will get addressed sometime in the near future. In the meantime, yes, you will have to use some manual labour. Sorry!

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That’s correct @dh024, the experience of moving organization items will be the same regardless of organization type.

@BWUser00 along with our internal feedback, we use community votes to help gauge and address a balance of individual/family, teams/enterprise and MSP features. We take all feedback into consideration and have implemented many community suggestions over the years. Bitwarden is also an open source project and community members are welcome to propose code/features here.