Mouseless Navigation of Browser Extension and App

I am a keyboard poweruser and try to touch the mouse as little as possible.
For web navigation this is working just fine using Vimium.
But recently I switched from 1Password to bitwarden and its a headache.
I can toggle the browser extension open using cmd+shift+y, but then i can not navigate between and into my creds.
what would be nice is:
up and down arrows to move between list entries (credentials, or between values if a credential is open)
right and left arrow to navigate into and out of a credential.
enter and backspace to navigate into and out of a credential.

if a credential is open and focus is on a value:
enter, cmd+c to copy the value to clipboard.

what would be REALYY REALYY awesome:
vim key navigation hjkl.
jk for up and down
hl for in and out.
y for copy.
i would lose my shit.

also maybe keep the last opened credential (i.e. route state) between toggles.

Bitwarden does have Tab and Enter, so it is theoretically usable without a mouse. I would like to see some more features in this regard. On the other hand, I don’t want Bitwarden overriding other shortcuts so it would have to prioritize user customizability.

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I agree, with Lastpass you can use the up/down arrows on the ‘search vault results’ which I find very convenient. I can see that Bitwarden uses Tab and Shift-Tab to navigate with but not as intuitive ar easy as the arrow keys.

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Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation and whoever voted here might want to cast their vote there as well