Mobile Search Results Missing

Hello. I have been a free member since 2018 and a premium member for 1 year. I noticed yesterday that there is an incomplete search result on mobile.

Let me explain my problem with an example:

In the country I live in, I saved the credit card named “akbank” with its password by opening a credit card section in my safe.

I also created a special field named “akbank” inside a contact card and entered the password there.

but yesterday when I searched for “akbank” on iphone, only credit cards appeared. so I thought I didn’t save the password. when I turned on the computer and typed “akbank”, the contact card appeared which is the place I was looking for, and it showed that the information about that credit card was included. when I checked, everything shows up in the browser plugin and web app, but it doesn’t show me that detail in the mobile app.

in short, on mobile it should show 5 items with “akbank” in it, but it shows 4, but in the browser plugin it shows everything.

Is this a bug? If it is a bug, it should be fixed.

My english is bad but I hope you understand me. I hope you will understand better if you look at all the images in the article.

On mobile apps, the search is limited to “Basic Search”, which does not include searching in custom fields. In the Desktop app, Web Vault, and browser extension, Bitwarden uses Full-Text Search, which searches in more fields than the Basic Search.

I don’t know if this is technically possible, but it is a necessary thing. if it is something that can be done in practice, it should definitely be added to the roadmap.

I had a big crisis yesterday because of this :frowning:

Here is a Feature Request thread where you can vote for or discuss this feature:

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