Mobile App + Browser extension redesign

Bitwarden is open source, if you can code the mobile app is on github. You can fork it and maybe he will choose merge it.

Hell yes we want Busra redesign for the android app please.


This new design is really modern and clean.
I am an UX expert and this new design would increase the usability a lot!
So please take it under consideration and also under development!


This looks very nice. The current apps do look outdated, and worse, are quite slow on iOS. The tap targets are not easily known and are inadequate while entering data. Bitwarden badly needs a UI and UX refresh, IMO.

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Great Job , BW UI is one of greatest complain about it, guess it is an open source drawback: developers never really care about look an feel, the browser extension also fall short in comparisson to main competitors, I`ve suggested an redesign for it to.


Upvoted to support UI redesign in general, rather than this specific design - looks good to me at first glance but do not have enough expertise to evaluate from a UI/UX perspective.

Is there an existing team of designers? What do they think?

Also support @vachan’s view above - UI redesign can be a project that’s done over time (multiple iterations - most important issues addressed first) rather than all at once, with no user feedback.


My goodness that looks incredible! Bitwarden’s design is certainly very barebones at the moment, and looks rather dated for 2020 (almost 2021!), so this would be tremendous to see!


thank you so much!! someone should hear us


first of all, thank you. of course i can not say this design is perfect. all redesign job is a long and big process to do. i did this project for take attention about it. maybe the team will take action. fingers crossed.


Looks Amazing.

It’s a lot of work though probably.
I believe in Bitwarden developers!

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While I like the redesign, I do think you should take more accessibility into consideration if you plan to do another revision. The font text is extremely small, and while it is great for young eyes, I am sure there are plenty of older customers that would have a lot of difficulty with such a design. If I need to zoom in to see your app design, that may be an issue.

I also think some of the button placements are a little too close together. Some of us have pretty fat fingers, so maybe add a little space.

On colors, I think Bitwarden’s current app uses a brighter color blue in dark mode which helps contrast it with the dark background.

I hope you take this criticism with my good intentions. I think its a good redesign that just could do with a little tweaking.


this request still fresh!

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@busradegirmenci let me ask you something: Are you a coder (programmer)? Because if you are , you could implement this (awesome) redesign yourself , and send a pull request on GitHub, otherwise I dont think this would get implemented by Bitwardens team anytime soon, they seem to have other priorities , mainly focused on enterprise needs, not end users, design and UI seems to be at the bottom.

Personally, I strongly dislike the colors. Purple does not fit.

I like the current design, simple, no fluff and easy to get to.


I see no purple there, its Blue, however i do agree that using the same shade of Blue of light mode would fit better dark mode as well, even then its better than the current outdated design, right now BW is not even adopting Google`s material design 2 standard.


hi, nope i am an ui designer


I would actually love a complete Re-Design of Bitwarden in General, it’s not terrible as is now, but it’s definatelly open for something better.

Please be very careful with UI/UX changes. Current trends such as Google’s material design leave alot to be desired from accessibility. I need to use my phone and computer in low light. I have both configured to invert colors and use light themes in apps which essentially makes dark themes available for all apps even if they do not have them. I still have to switch back and forth for some. Another aspect is contrast and clarity in representing status. I am not opposed to change, but when UI/UX changes toward appearance over functionality, then I have real problems using the devices. I have changed platforms and apps because of this.


This is surely needed. Although the design is not unusable, it certainly is not modern.

A new icon refresh is coming soon to bitwarden and that will hopefully make bitwarden app more modern.

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