Make someone pay for premium without giving him access to my vault

Hello, first post here.
I’ve been using bitwarden for 6 months and now I want to support Devs by buying premium (also to get hands on premium features ~ahem).
As I am a student, I don’t have a CC, neither PayPal works here. hence I want one of my friend’s friend to pay for the premium. But by doing so I will have to give my bitwarden access to him (yeah risky, but him giving his cc to me is also risky…) So there is any way I give him access to pay for the premium but not to access my vault?

Is there any other work around from this? Like if I export my vault then delete its items then give him my account < he pays < I sign back in < import items. Will this be safe? Any details that I shouldn’t give him (like fingerprint phrase, etc… why shouldn’t I opt for this option)?

Any insight into this matter is welcome
Please help me out

According to a former Bitwarden employee (*) gift cards were planned to be available before the end of 2021. I however cannot find them in the shop.

@dwbit: Any idea what the current status on that is?

(*) Bitwarden Roadmap - #124 by tgreer

HI @Peter_H ! thanks for asking. the gift cards you refer to were likely in the mention of gifting Bitwarden. this has been moved to later part of this year on Bitwarden Roadmap - Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums
In the meantime for gifting Bitwarden, we recommend Gifting Bitwarden with PayPal | Bitwarden Blog
The Bitwarden pop-up shot Bitwarden Shop is now live but does not have a gifting program.