Bitwarden Roadmap

Neither of the items has been removed from our to-do list. U2F for all clients is in progress, but no ETA on availability yet.

Thanks for the update!

When Gift Cards will be available to purchase via the Bitwarden website?

I love the ability to hide the icon counter ( in the browser as mentioned.)
Also the first one, which says Re-prompt for Master Password for some items. I have a question about it.

Those “some items” are only defined by the user itself, is that right?

I have the same question. Any answer?

Good questions!

  • Gift cards are running parallel to some items, but no exact timeline yet, other than sometime before the end of 2021 :sunglasses:
  • Re-Prompt will be for user-configured items
  • Client Profiles will allow you to switch between separate Bitwarden accounts

I am now a Premium user of Bitwarden, dear @tgreer :slight_smile:
Instead of having separate Bitwarden accounts, can premium users have the ability to create different vaults to segregate their logins and other items? 1Password does this very well.


I forgot to ask, the that new upcoming feature “Hide the browser extension icon counter” when this one will be out? Thanks.

Thanks for your support @Rayman! :partying_face:

We do have a request for that here: Nested vaults to implement multiple security levels

It’s captured but not currently on a dev schedule, however, we appreciate all the feedback we can get!

Re: Icon counter, it looks to be the next release, but I’m not currently sure when that will take place, as we’re still monitoring the release from yesterday :slight_smile:

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Thanks. By nested vaults, you mean just having separate different vaults, right?

About the re-prompt I really hope you add a toggle to enable it everywhere otherwise it won’t help paranoid users (and it has been suggested for paranoid users like me)

Experience with android work profiles is currently terrible, I currently have Bitwarden installed on both my work profile and personal profile (yes I happily pay twice for premium because Bitwarden is awesome :heart:) however more often than not when filling in passwords on work profile apps it will use my personal vault rather than my work vault. This usually leaves me having to manually open the vault and copy and paste passwords manually.

I know client profiles are on the roadmap and I believe it will help this issue, but In general wondering if there’s currently a better way of handling this. I’m also a developer, I see the code is mostly C# (my go to) so If I can find some time I may be able to go help contribute to the project to get this in sooner.

When will Overlay popup interface be picked up? This has been on the ‘backlog’ since forever.

To me it seems like that there is some sort of ongoing motivation to not implement such features. All current password managers have such features. Yet, for Bitwarden it keeps getting postponed. Meanwhile UX enhancements like UI refresh of the desktop application, someone provided a PR, are simply getting ignored.

And then if you look at functionality that actually is being implemented. It is either 1) bare minimum functionality that has been already implemented in 1Password or 2) it is functionality that really nobody asked for like Bitwarden Send. Probably as an experiment, which will be later pushed to 1Password.

If you compare all of this to the initial Bitwarden release, it contained all apps/extensions you name it. Then a good question to ask, why has development been so slow for the past 4-5 years. My theory is that Bitwarden is actually the Open Source foundation for 1Password. Which then would make sense why the development speed pretty much dropped after the initial release.

I definitely appreciate the theory, it was good for a chuckle!

We’re absolutely independent from any other Password managers :sunglasses:

A few community PRs are actually on-hold right now as we finish bug fixes for the last release, but will absolutely be merged as fast as we can, it just takes a lot of internal engineering time for PRs as we have to review code very thoroughly (required as part of our certifications and run through tests, and assuring that we can maintain the code, too!) before they can be merged into the main codebase.

We are balancing a lot of requests and are working to bring items to our community and customers as fast as we can, in a stable, secure, and scalable manner.


Can you give an ETA for the next release that we would have Icon counter option? Thanks a lot.

To be honest folks, I would have thought that the first thing any password manager must do is to make sure it’s absolutely as secure as possible. All the fancy features in the world are useless if the system is relatively easy to crack.

This is why I am really puzzled by the delay to U2F on Android. What percentage of users here are Android users I wonder? A majority I would imagine and yet we have to put up with 2FA options which are susceptible to MITM attacks. I cannot understand why implementing U2F on Android is not THE top priority development ahead of everything else.

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Just to keep the need for U2F at the forefront of everyone’s minds! The example happens to be LastPass but this type of attack would compromise an unsuspecting BW user just the same.


@tgreer @cscharf @kspearrin Please add the Overlay popup interface feature in the roadmap, it is the most requested by both home and business users. This is one of the most important features that is missing.

How do you know this? What is your source?

The answer is simple. I am a private user and I am requesting this feature which I feel is very important. Currently, 507 people have voted for this feature. In the last crowdcast, this feature was discussed and is in high demand. If you check in Bitwarden reviews around the net, you will find that this is a missing feature. Can this be enough? :slightly_smiling_face: