Make search easier to launch on a match using only the keyboard

When I’m searching for a domain, I most often just want to launch that domain in another tab. Therefore, as you search, it should select the topmost match of that search and make it easy to launch the matched result. When I hit return on a match, it should launch that domain. Currently hitting the return key over a selected match opens the “View Item” page which is rarely the desired behavior. So in order to execute the desired behavior, I must move my hand over to the mouse and click the little launch arrow.

Similarly, if you have multiple matches, you should be able to tab (or arrow) down to the match that you want. For example, searching for “google” should show all the matches (ideally selecting the most-used item). And if you have multiple matches, you need a quick way to select the one you want from the keyboard without having to touch the mouse.

This could probably be merged with Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation