Make all fields immediately editable right after opening an item

For the browser extension, the desktop app and the mobile app:

Let users immediately edit all item fields after opening a specific item, instead of requiring them to click image!, image, image to make changes

For this post, I will use the browser extension as an example, but keep in mind that this feature request also applies to the desktop application and the mobile application.

In the current version of the browser extension, when a user opens it and clicks “image” next to one of their logins, the image section opens:

Here, the user can select the text in each field, but when they try to replace the selected text with something else, they can’t: they are required to click image and open a similar-looking section which now lets them actually edit the fields.

In my opinion, this additional step is annoying for existing users and confusing for new users: when I first started using the extension, I couldn’t figure out why what I was typing wasn’t being shown on the screen, until I realized I had to click the image button in the top right corner of the pop-up to edit what I was already seeing. This is also true for the desktop app and the mobile app.

This is my suggestion for how the improved image section on the browser extension could look like (every field you see here is immediately editable):

As @RogerDodger said in his great reply: this is not only faster to use, but it’s also consistent with how the web vault works. When a user clicks on an item in the Web Vault, they are immediately in edit mode for that item. This change would also create more consistency across all the app and web interfaces.

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I like this idea because it is faster to use and consistent with how the Web Vault works. If I click on a login in the Web Vault, I am immediately in edit mode for that item.

However, to be consistent, I would like to see the same behavior in the Desktop App. It currently requires an extra button click to be in edit mode. The same can be said for the Android App.

I general, I would like to see more consistency across all the app and web interfaces.


Hey Roger,

Thank you for bringing to my attention the fact that this is also an issue on the mobile and desktop applications. I made several edits to the main topic to include all the right tags and mention all the affected platforms :+1: