Login with Three Fields (AAdvantage)

Logged into AA.com yesterday and had to go digging for my AAdvantage number.

Their form requires this account number, last name and password. My import from LastPass had two of these- but I had to go find the AAdvantage number and paste it in manually. Then after logging in BitWarden did not recognize this additional activity.

For now I have pasted the AAdvantage number into the Notes.

I’m not sure how LastPass managed to fill in all three fields- but I’m curious if I can get BitWarden to do the same?

Doh! :no_mouth:

After posting that I tried the AA site again and… it worked!

Now if only this forum would recognize my login…

I’m having the same issue but relaunching my browser and reconfiguring the Bitwarden entry hasn’t worked.

I have the user name filled with my AAdvantage number, password in Password, and then a custom field of “Last Name” with an entry. When I submit from the Bitwarden browser extension (macOS Safari 13.0.2), the Last Name and password get filled in, but my AAdvantage number does not.

How does this compare with how your entry is saved in your vault?

I finally figured out how these “three-way” logins work.

Edit the entry and scroll down to Custom Field. Click the add + (usually the default Text type is suitable).

Now you can add the value and field name- for AA it’s LoginID and your AAdvantage number. Occasionally you can use the plain English name of the field- but usually you need to use the actual form field’s ID value. In Chrome you can right-click on the box and click Inspect to find it.

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Wonderful - thank you. And after reading your message, I don’t know why I didn’t think about trying that when realizing it worked for Last Name.

Again, thanks!