Login Failure on iPhone app?

I’ve been using Bitwarden for a couple of years on my laptop and iPhone and love it. Then I installed it on my wife’s iPhone a couple of weeks ago and showed her how to log into my Premium Individual account with my username/password. That worked fine until 2 days ago.

Now every time she tries to log in on her iPhone (iOS 14.7.1), she gets an error. She has Bitwarden v2.15.0 installed.

“An error has occurred”

I confirmed that she CAN log in via browser (Chrome or Safari), just not via the iPhone app.

My Diagnostic Steps:

  1. I can log into the bitwarden account on my iPhone without fail.

  2. After a bunch of tries, I was able to log into BitWarden on her phone just once, never since. I know the Master Password is correct.

  3. I removed BitWarden from the phone, rebooted it, then re-installed it. But I still get the same error.

  4. I wondered if it was because we were sharing an individual account. So (because I don’t mind spending money to make my wife happy) I upgraded us to the Family Plan @ $40/year), added her as a user, did all the verification, confirmation steps, etc.

  5. I confirmed she can log into her new Family account via Chrome browser.

But we still can’t log in on her iPhone app.


Thanks in Advance

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Stewart, I am seeing the same errors with multiple iOS devices. I thought it was because of my VPN. Anyone else here seeing this?


Thanks for the quick reply.

The VPN might be the issue, as we just added that to her phone (because she uses her work’s WiFi) but I don’t normally use VPN on my phone.

I’ll have her try turning off VPN and reply here.


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@halloran You were absolutely right. That did the trick.

BitWarden support also suggested that. I don’t understand why VPN would be a problem, but I’ve asked them why, hoping that I don’t have to turn off VPN every time, since I want to keep my iPhone WiFi communications secure - especially when logging into BitWarden!

Thanks again

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Thanks to you for posting! Keep me updated if you learn anything new about this - and I’ll do the same.

Just went through the trouble of setting everything up on my computer, and sure enough, can’t log in on my iphone. Very strange. You guys are not alone. What a bummer.

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@calculuzz and @S2inVT Someone on the Support team has been helping me. I’ve sent them a list of “blocked IP’s” so they can look into it! I’ll let you know what I hear. I encourage anyone else to submit VPN IP’s if you can.


Same to me. I use iPhone and iPad. They cannot login anymore. It works on web. It drive me crazy. :exploding_head:

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@johnny_zhang Thanks for mentioning the web thing, that’s the weirdest part of all of this. It appears that the iOS/iPadOS clients are blocking connections from these IP’s, but the web clients do not. So, for people coming here who are stranded on their iOS/iPadOS devices - you can use the web vault if you are in a pinch! :crazy_face:

I wasn’t connected to any vpn, but I was struggling with the same issue where I kept getting “an error occurred”. I uninstalled my Bitwarden app and reinstalled again and it somehow seems to be working again, this is probably worth a try!

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I have the same problem. Tried with enabled VPN, without VPN, via wi-fi and 4G. Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. No result.

Hi all, I’m experiencing the same problem. Happy to hear your solutions!

Sara, the best solution is to add “bitwarden.com” to the allowlist (sometimes called whitelist) in your VPN client. Basically what happened in my case was that the IP used by my VPN was being blocked by bitwarden, and their support folks (while very helpful, and amazing!) were unable to unblock my IP on their end. If you add the bw entry to the allowlist, the VPN tunnel won’t be enabled for “bitwarden.com” and you won’t get this error.