Log in using Passkey not working with Windows 10 Firefox

Up until now, I have been logging into the Bitwarden web vault using a username and password plus 2FA (from an Authenticater app on my iPhone). I am running Windows 10 and Firefox 126.0.

Once logged into the Bitwarden vault, I went to Settings → Security → Master Password tab. On this page I selected “New passkey”, entered my password, created a key, and gave it a name.

Then, I logged out of the Bitwarden web vault and tried logging back in with the newly created passkey. It prompted me for my Windows Hello PIN. After entering that, I got this error popup:
Is what I did supposed to work or am I doing something wrong?

I have no idea why it doesn’t work, but there is a bug filed 3 weeks ago on Chrome with no responses. The user reported that it is only on Windows 10. Also,

  • Firefox browser doesn’t support PRF extension, which means you will have to give a password to decrypt your vault after logging in with passkey, which defeats the passwordless convenience of this login method.
  • For Firefox browser, I recommend using “Login with device” where you can use your desktop/mobile to approve a login without a password, with the flexibility of using 2FA or not.