Locked out of account! Unexpected Error

Hello! I am super panicked. I am suddenly locked out of my bitwarden vault, I am absolutely certain of my password, and I am not able to login. I am in the middle of banking transactions for business and all my information is in there this is a complete crisis.
I tried logging in with web interface, with plugin on chrome. It won’t let me in. It says unexpected error.

Please help.

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Hey there, was there any additional information in the error message?

You can also check out this community post: How To: Master Password Problems and Best Practices

Or contact the support team directly at Get in Touch | Bitwarden

No other message than “un unexpected error has occurred”.

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same problem.

An error has occurred.
An unexpected error has occurred.

I’ve got a same problem too right now !!! Error “Unexpected error has occurred” appear when logging in via chrome extension.

Thanks everyone, checking in with the team, please continue to work with the official support team, can you confirm if changing networks or VPN connections resolves the issue?

I’ve changed VPN and it’s work

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Similar issue can’t login. “an error has occurred i is undefined” I can login via browser but no addons on any browser or phone app

In Germany:
https://vault.bitwarden.com: OK
Chrome-extension: OK
Desktop-app: OK
MSFT-store-app: OK

If adjusting network/VPN connections doesn’t resolve the issue, please continue to work with the official support team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden

Not using a VPN here.

It seems to be resolved for me. Thanks.

I got the same error. In my case it probably has nothing or very little to do with the IP address. (Vodafone cable IP in Berlin, Germany, no VPN or proxy.) I only have the problem in the Bitwarden plugin for Firefox. The web vault and the plugin for Chromium work as expected.

I have rather pedantic non-standard settings related to HTTPS. I suspect that either the plugin for Firefox is currenlty outright broken, or it uses an insecure cipher for communication with the server.

Suggested workarounds:

  • changing IP address, e.g. by rebooting rooter or (not) using a VPN - this doesn’t seem to work with some recent problems
  • using the web vault at vault.bitwarden.com
  • using a different browser
  • PS: contacting support under Get in Touch | Bitwarden , as suggested by the error message (I was lucky and got a response within 11 minutes, asking me to try again as the problem was solved!)

Similar issue. I can’t login.
I get: “An error has occurred i is undefined" - in Firefox 102.4.0esr.
I have uninstalled Bitwarden, and re-started my laptop, but to no effect.

Bitwarden works OK in vault.bitwaden.com, in Chrome and on Android.
It also works in Firefox on my work PC.

Hey @notsosad can you confirm if you are having the same issue in other web browsers/extensions, or when changing network connections?

Yay, it’s working again.
The only issue was the Firefox extension not working on my home laptop.
I’ve fiddled with removing and reinstalling Firefox extensions, restarting the browser etc, but I couldn’t say what solved the problem.
I’d put this down to the occasional problems I have with the somewhat temperamental Firefox.

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This is also happening to me but only using the firefox extension.

Somethings I have noticed:

When you remove plugin, restart browser, install plugin, by default the plugin attaches to the side of the screen and not the plugin button on the browser. The side panel does allow for logging in while the button on the browser (Bitwarden icon) gives the error message.

If you need to log in using the button there are 2 layouts I have noticed; the one that asks only for master password and the one that asks for both email + password. The layout that only asks for the master password works while the layout that asks for email + password does not work and gives the error.

Removing the extension, restarting firefox, and the installing the extension again does solve the problem. However, it is only temporary. I’m not sure what caused it but I had to do a couple restarts for an unrelated issue and found that the firefox extension bugged out again and did not let me login with the same I is undefined error.

Using firefox 106.0.1
Bitwarden firefox extension 2022.10.1

Hey there, if you continue to experience issues, you can contact the support team directly at Get in Touch | Bitwarden or search for/report a bug on Github: Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

i keep having same problem
" i is undefined"

usually reinstalling extention works,
sometimes i have to restart firefox or PC

this time it wouldn’t go away.
So i had to install firefox overthetop and it fixed it.

I’m getting this same error this morning and unable to log in to my vault locally (online vault still works).

Error is: i is undefined

Yesterday Firefox updated to 112.0.2 and Windows installed a couple of 2023-04 update for Windows 10 version 22H2 for x86 (KB4023057 and KB5025221)

Seems that Bitwarden itself updated to 2023.4.0 at around the same time (7 May 2023)

Firefox had lost the login to its own sync account also (but was able to log in successfully once I had the password from https://vault.bitwarden.com/ )

Restarted Firefox, disabled/enabled bitwarden extension, disabled Ghostery extension,but no success yet.