Locked out of account! Unexpected Error

Hello! I am super panicked. I am suddenly locked out of my bitwarden vault, I am absolutely certain of my password, and I am not able to login. I am in the middle of banking transactions for business and all my information is in there this is a complete crisis.
I tried logging in with web interface, with plugin on chrome. It won’t let me in. It says unexpected error.

Please help.

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Hey there, was there any additional information in the error message?

You can also check out this community post: How To: Master Password Problems and Best Practices

Or contact the support team directly at Get in Touch | Bitwarden

No other message than “un unexpected error has occurred”.

same problem.

An error has occurred.
An unexpected error has occurred.

I’ve got a same problem too right now !!! Error “Unexpected error has occurred” appear when logging in via chrome extension.

Thanks everyone, checking in with the team, please continue to work with the official support team, can you confirm if changing networks or VPN connections resolves the issue?

I’ve changed VPN and it’s work

Similar issue can’t login. “an error has occurred i is undefined” I can login via browser but no addons on any browser or phone app

In Germany:
https://vault.bitwarden.com: OK
Chrome-extension: OK
Desktop-app: OK
MSFT-store-app: OK

If adjusting network/VPN connections doesn’t resolve the issue, please continue to work with the official support team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden

Yeah… seems like since they’re using Cloudflare, if Cloudflare doesn’t like your IP, it’ll basically lock you out of Bitwarden, and stop you from accessing anything on the bitwarden.com domain.

I use IPVanish for a VPN regularly, and encountered the Cloudflare 1020 error today, BW extension logged me out and the gave me an error when I tried to log back in. Like this one. And every time I connect to the vpn it’ll log me out of the extension, not even trying to use the PIN or Windows Hello when I want to login again.

Ridiculous. And I should mention this only started maybe a month ago?

Not using a VPN here.

It seems to be resolved for me. Thanks.

I got the same error. In my case it probably has nothing or very little to do with the IP address. (Vodafone cable IP in Berlin, Germany, no VPN or proxy.) I only have the problem in the Bitwarden plugin for Firefox. The web vault and the plugin for Chromium work as expected.

I have rather pedantic non-standard settings related to HTTPS. I suspect that either the plugin for Firefox is currenlty outright broken, or it uses an insecure cipher for communication with the server.

Suggested workarounds:

  • changing IP address, e.g. by rebooting rooter or (not) using a VPN - this doesn’t seem to work with some recent problems
  • using the web vault at vault.bitwarden.com
  • using a different browser
  • PS: contacting support under Get in Touch | Bitwarden , as suggested by the error message (I was lucky and got a response within 11 minutes, asking me to try again as the problem was solved!)