Lock the pop out window

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Pop out window timeout lock

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  • What will this feature do differently?

Currently, the vault timeout action does not apply to the pop out window. But this makes no sense as the pop out window is still the vault, just a different way of interacting with the contents of the vault. Additionally, the pop out window appears to remain unlocked because it’s assumed “active” regardless if it’s in use or not. However, this is not a reasonable or safe assumption because it’s easily layered beneath other windows and can be neither active nor remembered as present resulting in a rather consistent and obvious security issue.

Since the word “vault” describes the contents, not the view, it is most reasonable to lock the pop out view by the same means as the extension view. However, if this is not viable or desirable for some reason, then the pop out should at least have its own locking mechanism.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?

Security, which I believe is one of Bitwarden’s main goals!

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Ref. https://community.bitwarden.com/t/pop-out-new-window-not-locking-on-timer/13314

I agree. I left my computer for an hour or so, only to come back to bitwarden open. I would prefer it to automatically lock even when a window is open.

The pop out window is a truly useful feature in Bitwarden.

But . . .

I agree with the need to auto lock the pop out window.

It’s annoying that it essentially needs to be done manually, and scary how easy it is to leave it open.

To protect your data is as simple as to lock your computer whenever you leave it.
And to get back into the system as easy, fast and comfortable as possible get a USB fingerprint sensor like this one:


I know that this is not what you are asking for. But it is what you can do right now to protect your data.

Yep, I am already following this approach.

I found this too. Please fix. It might be a rare occurrence, but it leaves the vault unencrypted indefinitely.

Thanks for the follow up everyone, I’ll check in with the team and provide a follow up, but I think this is a browser related issue and if it is, we could do a better job at indicating this.

Wanted to circle back to see if any progress has been made here.