Linux Mobile Client

With more Linux mobile devices (and distributions) becoming available now [PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch or Postmarket OS, Librem 5 with PureOS etc] it would be great to have a Bitwarden Client that would run on those.

The desktop Flatpak build does somewhat work on a PinePhone using PureOS but the UI is obviously quite unusable on that form factor/screen size.

I’m about to receive a Librem 5, and would really appreciate a Linux mobile client. It should not be super hard to modify the existing desktop app’s UI to be able to handle mobile-sized form-factors. Check this guide out for info on how to make GTK apps work well for mobile.

As far as I know no GTK client currently exists for Bitwarden?

Getting one that could use LibHandy would obviously be the ideal solution here but assuming that’s not a priority I wonder if Electron itself does/could support any mobile UI adaption.

So I’ve been running the flatpak version on a PinePhone running Mobian and it does actually run.

Keyboard input doesn’t work quite right and it’s not optimised for the screen format obviously but otherwise it seems functional.