Limited Organisation for non premium users on self hosted instance


I juste would like to know, as a self hosted user, why I can’t create a 2 users limited organisation ?

Self hosted Bitwarden is for me an absolute necessity in term of security and I don’t understand why whith my choice using bitwarden in my own instance, I cannot share password with my wife for instance while I could do it if I would use a free account on your cloud.

Thanks for your answer.

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There’s no technical reason.

There just needs to be an incentive for people to pay for plans.

The family plan is less than a dollar a month. Two cups of a nice coffee per year.

The free plan it offered for the cloud setup under the assumption that it’s a nice draw for your everyday Joe that never used a password manager before. Having an option to allow password sharing for them is a big draw.

Do you need that draw for self-hosting? No. Because 99.99999999% of self-hosting people already use password managers and don’t need enticing… also if they are self-hosting, they are more likely to be small businesses or something trying to squeeze as much out of the free stuff as possible, leading to maybe a small business having two accounts, one for marketing, one for bizdev and trying to make use of the one-collection two-user feature for as much as it’s worth.

This may not be the reason. I am not related to the devs, just my guess.

But it makes sense.

I’ll buy your Family plan if you want one. I’ll send them a donation on PayPal and tell them to give you a family plan if you REEEEEALLY can’t forego 2 cups of coffee in a year.

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