Self-hosted features and multiple accounts

Is there a list somewhere that explains what you do or do not get with self-hosted paid or free?

Based on what I am reading you can self-host for free or self-host and pay for more feature. I cannot tell what features I get if I pay with self-hosting.

Which one will let me have multiple accounts (like for my wife, brother, parents, friends, etc…) with sharing between them and all that? explains the different paid features that are available. The only difference with the self-hosted option is that the free organization plan is not available.

I checked that but could not completely understand.

  • Self-hosted is not listed in the Personal Premium box or the Organization Business boxes – does that mean they can’t be self-hosted either?
  • If I want more than 5 accounts, what self-hosting option do I have?
  • How does the 1 GB file storage limit work with self-hosted? Is it still imposed?
  • Does TOTP work with self-hosting?
  • Can I start with self-hosted Personal Free and then upgrade to Organization Families? Will I get file storage and TOTP if I self-host Personal Free?
  1. The website lists these in the locations you have described.


  1. I assume you mean more than 5 users in an organization? You would need the enterprise plan.

  2. This limit is 1TB on self-hosted installations.

  3. Yes, with premium access.

  4. As stated previously, free organizations are not able to be used in self-hosted environments.

I am so sorry. You are right – the information is right there, clear as day.

For the 5th one, can I start with the Personal Free self-hosting and then move to one of the paid organization ones? Or would I have to create a new account? What about the Personal Free not self-hosted and then move to paid self-hosted organization?

You can start with a free personal user account and no organization, and then create an organization later if you need one.

Thank you! I’m so happy I found this product. It looks like exactly what I want. Gonna give it a spin and if it works will probably do the enterprise so I can get my entire family. Thanks again!