Launch website shortcut

Feature name and description

Launch shortcut: Add a launch shortcut to open a websitefor the browser-extension popup.

Feature function

  • Coming from LastPass, an important shortcoming is the simplicity to login to a website: you just type a few letter in its name and hit Enter.

  • The lack of such a shortcut in BW is particularly annoying as the “Launch” icon is a small one in the far top-right of the screen, which is a productivity slowdown.

  • The feature should work in this way:

    1. Open the vault, e.g. wtih Ctrl+Shift+U.
    2. Type part of the item’s name, e.g. gmai.
    3. If there are more matching items, use Up/Down arrows to select one.
    4. Hit Enter to launch (open) the website in a new tab, unless (5) below.
    5. If the item is not associated to a website, just view the vault entry (current behaviour).

    Except for the arrows keys in Step 3, this is the current behaviour of LastPass.

  • The relevant step to implement by developers would be the Enter-to-launch feature (or an equivalent key), the other features are already implemented or less compelling.

Related topics + references

There is a generic request to add more shortcuts here:


The majority of the users ask for a launch shortcut (and mentioning the equivalent LastPass feature). I am adding a separate topic here, so that developers can be focused on single most-required feature and simpler to implement.

Relevant app affected

This feature request is thought mostly for the browser extension, where we are used to the idea of bookmark and BW would work as an extended bookmark, augmented with credentials. However, a similar feature might be extended to the Web, Desktop, and CLI apps as well.


An alternative to the Launch shortcut would be introducing the possibility of launching sites from the address bar with a prefix string much like the search engines do (again a LastPass feature), but that could be more work, if at all implementable in Firefox.

Welcome @antonio!

CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + Y is the shortcut to open the extension :+1:

Hi @tgreer,
I understand that the word “Launch” can be ambiguous, but it’s the name used by the related extension icon, while the extension shortcut is called “Open vault popup”. By the way, I changed “Launch” to “Launch website”.

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I agree…I like BW quite a bit. The only feature I miss from LastPass is the ability to use the URL bar to search for sites/bookmarks within the password manager. E.g. I could search the LP vault by typing “lp mai” and it could autocomplete to “” and auto-login.