Labels for URI

Currently, the password manager allows for multiple URI’s for a single item and these are labeled URI 1, URI 2, etc.

Desired is to treat the existing labels as defaults and be able to type over with a different label. This helps for cases when the URI’s go to different places that use the same account (i.e. same company and login credentials but different sites). The label makes it easier to know which link to launch from the password manager.

To clarify, the same account is being used by the company behind the sites. So changing your password at one site changes it for all. This is why you would want to have only a single entry in the password manager for all the sites but with multiple URI’s with labels. Often an intermediary site is used to manage the actual login and then you are sent back to the URL that you started from. Example companies that do this are Microsoft, Google and Intuit.

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