Labelling Website URLs

This is sort of a minor feature that not many people will need but is more of a quality of life feature for myself. I would love it if it were possible to label each of the URLs under an item section because I have so many URLs under the same accounts.

For example, MyWorkDayJobs makes you create a new account for every company that uses its platform for job applications and being in that position myself, I have created over 20 different accounts for MyWorkDay under different companies such as Walmart, Cineplex, and a bunch of other Canadian companies. For these accounts, I like to keep the same username and password so that it doesn’t get too confusing and I can stay organized, but I also like to keep all the URLs so that I know which companies I have applied for and am currently using the notes section to label each URL.

However, if it were possible to put a name for the URL where it says “URL 1”, “URL 2”, etc. (just like how you can name the custom fields), that would make my passwords a little more organized.

Thank you to all the developers for your hard work!!

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