Keyboard navigation in desktop application

Is it possible to add simple keyboard navigation in the desktop app.
This could be very similar to for example the keepass desktop applications.


  • Right arrow to go from the type/folder-menu to the list, to a specific card.
  • Left arrow to go back from a specific card to the list to the menu.
  • Up and down arrow to go up and down in the list, highlighting an item and showing the related card in the right(card) pane. (The up and down arrow would also of course work in the menu and in the card pane.)


  • In the list, CTRL + C would copy the password of the highlighted/selected list item.

  • in the list, CTRL + B would copy the username of the highlighted/selected list item.

  • on a card CTRL + C would copy the selected line/row on the card. This can be anything, from password to a website uri.

  • CTRL + F anywhere, would focus the search box. (This is already the case)

This is so essential. I was pretty confused, it was not possible to navigate an item list with up/down arrow keys. Please consider adding this.

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