Just released - new inline auto-fill!

Hey Bitwarden community! :wave: A new, highly requested auto-fill option is now available for all cloud users to fill in login credentials faster than ever. The inline auto-fill menu appears inside relevant form fields and displays a menu of associated online account credentials. Please report any issues here

Screen recording of inline auto-fill menu

This feature is off by default for existing cloud users. Find instructions on how to turn it on in the Bitwarden Help Center: Auto-fill Logins in Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help Center

More details on the implementation of this feature are available in this blog article: Bitwarden adds a new auto-fill option right inside form fields | Bitwarden Blog. The feature will be available in self-hosted installations in the near future.


Looks like the devs took pity on @pdu’s delicate situation! :sweat_smile:

Congrats and Merry Christmas to all who have been waiting for this feature, and thanks to the devs for their hard work! :santa:


I’m not sure this is a “bug” so I didn’t want to report it as an issue, but with inline autofill enabled, when you autofill from the extension icon, the cursor focus goes to the username. It used to go to the password field. I add characters to the password after it is auto-filled, so not having the cursor stay on that field is a big inconvenience. Similarly, it would be nice if the cursor focus went to the password box when using the inline autofill.


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I just tried it and it is fantastic!


@RichLux Thank you for your feedback. The behavior you outlined is expected. When auto-filling from the inline auto-fill menu focus is returned to whichever field that is in focus when you complete the auto-fill action. If you focus a form’s password field and then auto-fill, focus should return to the password field after atuo-filling the form, allowing you to add your additional characters.

We will keep monitoring user feedback around this behavior to understand if additional changes should be made.

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Unfortunately, that’s not happening on all sites. At Ally.com, even if I complete the inline fill from the password box, the focus goes back to the username.

Also, it doesn’t explain the change in behavior of auto-filling from the extension icon where the cursor focus used to stay on the password field, but now it’s going back to the username. (Try capitalone.com or citi.com)


It’s great to have this feature now. Even though it seems like only a small extra bit of convenience, it really helps with workflow.

Will this be expanded so that it can be used for filling in registration forms and ideally a quick way to generate passwords and usernames (like SimpleLogin emails) when doing so?


Hey Jiggs,

Thanks for the suggestion! The Bitwarden team is excited to be expanding on the inline auto-fill menu functionality in 2024 to support additional interactions from the menu, with user convenience in mind.


That’s great, thank you for letting us know. Can you share if those improvements will ship before or after support for adding and using passkeys on mobile will be released?

FaviFake, we don’t have specific dates for this yet but will update this thread as new information becomes available.

I’m glad this feature is here, I’m also one of those who can now start recommending Bitwarden to others. So thanks a lot!

As others mentioned, it is quite minimalistic currently (not bad for the first release), I’d also like to see all those features like filling credit cards, Identities, generating passwords, etc out of the autofill icon.

A different thing I’m missig though is there is no option to show the icon all the time. Not only when the field is in focus. Showing it all the time actually helps to see those fields on sites that focus more on design than usability. Also, som option to fill either the username or the password for fields where it is not obvious (for Bitwarden) manually.


ATTENTION: There is a small bug that still needs to be resolved for this feature to fully work. It’s related to a form filling bug I reported where not all forms or logins (the new inline auto-fill) get filled in. You can see more info about the bug at the following:

For now, if you come across a login/form that doesn’t fill in or gives you the new inline auto-fill option, try reloading the web page. You will then have the new inline auto-fill option show up and will also be able to fill in forms that didn’t fill in before by simply reloading the web page. Hope this helps until Bitwardin has a fixed version available.

When using this new form field auto-fill, TOTP does not get copied to the clipboard.

Is this something that can be done in the future?

Hi stibs, thanks for calling this out! The Bitwarden team is currently investigating why this is happening to some users.

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@kbabcock Since there is already auto-fill functionality for TOTP fields, are there plans to simply implement inline auto-fill for the TOTP fields, as well?


Hello Bitwarden Community! :wave:

Big thanks to the team for the new inline auto-fill feature. It’s incredibly efficient and makes logging in a breeze. Love how intuitive and seamless it is, fitting perfectly into Bitwarden’s robust security framework.

Excited to see what’s next. Kudos to all involved in bringing this to life!

Cheers, Samuel


Hi @grb, feel free to add this as a feature request! Enhancements to the inline auto-fill menu will be coming in 2024.


Thank you for confirming (in your previous comment) that there is an expectation that Ctrl+V for pasting TOTP codes should work after using the new inline auto-fill for login credentials, and that the team is in the process of debugging this.

Perhaps someone else will make a feature request for inline auto-fill of TOTP codes, since it is evidently not already on your internal roadmap. Personally, I am very content to keep using Ctrl+Shift+L for all my auto-filling needs.

There are other TOTP auto-fill improvements that are of higher priority to me than implementing inline auto-fill for these fields:

  1. Add a greater number of keywords for identifying TOTP fields on different websites;

  2. Implement custom linked fields for TOTP auto-filling.



the new inline Menu doesn’t work on every Sites.
For Example on https://www.kabeluser.de i dont have the Bitwarden Icon in the Login field and no menu pops up.

Even on TOTP field Bitwarden does not show up and TOTP is not copied to the Clipboard.

Even if i have a saved Login, the new inline menu does not offer me to safe a new login. I can only select the saved ones.

Am I doing something wrong?
I have activated the option.

Is it possible to report pages where the inline menu or auto-fill doesn’t work?