It seems that Bitwarden has pushed the new update, but when will Touch ID for the browser extension go live?

I see that Bitwarden has implemented Emergency Access but I still don’t see the Touch ID browser integration checkbox in my desktop application.

Based on the instructions there should be a checkbox in the desktop program settings that says “Enable Browser Integration”, but I don’t see that listed in my settings. I searched for updates to make sure my program is the latest version and it said no new updates available.

For reference I’m on Windows 10 and my Bitwarden program is on version 1.23.1.

Client updates coming soon - within the next few days :slight_smile:

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This is great. Can we assume that someone who is in possession of the MacOS username and password would also be able to unlock/decrypt the Bitwarden vault if Touch ID is enabled? E.g., on iOS the Face ID prompt often falls back to a phone unlock password prompt if the face can’t be recognized.

If that’s not a problem here, could someone in possession of the password just add an additional new fingerprint without requiring BitWarden to be authenticated again? Or use some lower level system commands to circumvent the Touch ID prompt?

Or has Apple put some safeguards in place that mean that the two (MacOS password & Touch ID) are not easily interchangeable?

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The current macOS standalone desktop app version can’t be used to integrate with the browser extension. It says App Store version is needed. But App Store version has not been updated yet and is still 1.23.0. Any timeline when you will update BW so that TouchID (for browser extension) works on macOS?

Judging by the version bump, the app store will definitely do a whole audit before releasing it. I’d expect max two weeks.

I just downloaded BW desktop app 1.24.1 from the App Store now.

It seems that for macOS the TouchID support is not yet working. I also have now the 1.24.1 version from App Store and the integration does not work. I have enabled it from the desktop app but the extension complains it is not enabled.

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Same problem here. See screenshot. Left = Chrome extension, right = MacOS app from AppStore.

Help please.


Can you get in touch with the Bitwarden team at They will help you out. If you fix the problem, leave a message here so that other users will also find it helpful.

Looks like the team is aware of the issue.

On Android, in settings, search for biometrics preferences. Set the default for fingerprint. Initially there is no default set (both radio buttons unmarked), and thus it defaults the first one - irises.

Once I set the preference on my phone, it correctly started using my fingerprint for unlocking.

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