Is there a way to stop my email from self-populating the field when I open the app?

Hi all!

Please, is there a way to stop my email from self-populating the field when I open the app?

Thanks for a wonderful product!
I am a new user (premium) and use the desktop and browser (firefox) app.

Now that I am accustomed to it, I like it so much better than lastpass!

Bitwarden is far better!

Thanks again,


Hi Mike - I moved your question to a new topic so that it gets more attention. I hope you don’t mind.

Glad to hear you are finding Bitwarden to be very helpful! And if you don’t mind a follow-up on your question, do you mean in the browser when you access your email, or is this when using a mobile app for accessing your mail?

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Hi David,

Thanks for the reply, and I’m sorry to be so late with mine.
And thanks for moving my note to here.

What I’m trying to describe is the input field for my email (user name?).

When I open the Desktop App -or- the Browser App, the field “self populates” with my email (user name?).

I have not yet used the Android App so I can’t comment about that one.

I would rather the input field remains blank when the App is opened.

I think because it holds and pre-fills (self populate?) the field, it gives away one of the factors needed to login.

I’ve included a couple of images that might help show what I mean.

Biggie thanks for your replying to me!

P.S. Even though I believe BitWarden to be MUCH better than LastPass, at least LastPass gave an option (a check box) to not pre-fill (self populate?) that field.

BWdesktopLogin_2 - Copy

Thanks for the very clear response. Now I totally understand your request!

I think Bitwarden is working on masking your email address on the BW login screen in a future release, but it would not hurt to lend your support this feature request here:


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The same issue I want to be fixed.

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Having the choice to NOT expose my email is the only thing I miss about LastPass.