Is there a way to hide Notes when viewing (not editing) a login entry?

Hi, is there a way to hide ‘Notes’ field when viewing (in editing it can be displayed) a login entry?
In a login entry, I am using the ‘Notes’ to keep track of the previous passwords I used (BW password history cannot be exported). Regards

No, but with more troubles, you can keep them in the hidden fields.

I don’t know for sure because I don’t use it much, but the feature about password history export/import seems to have been completed (2023.09)

I have just checked again, and you’re right password history is now in export :star_struck:: here is an screenshot to inform other people late on this like me

For 5 or 8 login entries I would still need to make it write it in the ‘Notes’ field. I can hardly write it in a hidden field as it is too tiny and can not be extended like the ‘Notes’ field:

I would be very useful to add a spoiler tag to the ‘Notes’ field of BW, like

  • In reddit:

!This is a spoiler!<

  • In stackExchagen:

! This is a spoiler.

  • In Discord:

||This is a spoiler||

  • In Bitwarden Community AND Github:
Spoiler warning! This is the hidden spoiler text.
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