Is there a better UI comming in 2023?

I had 1Password for too years, but a friend pointed me to BW. So I try to use it. I know it’s free but, I have some problems using it. The explanation pages are not clear for a noob.

My first notice is the old-designed UI that is somewhat complicated and not really self-explanatory. It would be great if the UI, browser and mobile, got some more attention, so it would be clear for first users what is where and how to use without reading so much.

Then the reaction on a password page is somewhat slow. I have to click multiple times on the BW extension to popup. Only when I click in the password field it reacts, not in the name field, why is that? I would like to see an extension button inside the name\password field.

Chromebook user
Bitwarden Free

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It’s also very secure.
It’s a question of priorities but the security is the main reason I am using it along with the trustworthiness of open source and the BW company/community.


For example?
Saying “make it better” without saying what is not very useful.


And I write this because I have trouble reading and recognizing elements. (Glasses)

A clear login screen with colored elements where one of the first questions are “choose a server US\EU”. Than name and password.

Then a page where We can select from several options not only in text but also big color buttons and logos\icons, “options, personal volt, shared volt” and so on.

Here we can see that all is small text on the left without color.

and mobile version:

Here on top of the page below, you can see what color and logo buttons doe for the almost blind.

and mobile version

These are, I think, small differences but better visuals.

So you have “show website icons” setting enabled? It shows nice icons in my vault on mobile and desktop.

Region/server is rather small.

But other things, while different from 1pass just take some getting used to, and not too bad.

I have checked and they are standard enabled, thanks.

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