Is it possible to fill the OTP with a single click?

On a login page that has MFA (OTP) enabled, there is usually one screen for login and password (or they may be split into two separate screens), and then one for the OTP.

I (almost) always can fill in the login and the password with a single click on the relevant entry in my Chrome extension, but it never works for the OTP.

Is there a particular reason for that? Specifically: is this a technical limitation, or a feature I have not enabled?

(Note: I am not talking about auto-fill, this is disabled in my case. I fill in fields by clicking on the relevant entry)

How about to use Ctrl+Shift+L instead ?

The TOTP is copied to the clipboard automatically, unless it is deactivated in the options (see below). So a Ctrl+V usually is good enough.


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