iPhone 13 does not support fingerprint

I just switched to iPhone 13 and found it does not support fingerprint. I have no desire to give Apple my facial biometrics. Does this mean I have to type out my password in full every I use the password manager?

Hi Mandy!

First, Apple does not receive any biometric data as it’s stored in the Secure Enclave (which is completely separate to the rest of the iPhone). And it’s only a hash of your biometric data that is stored, not your actual biometric data. Google does the same thing on Android with fingerprints. Second, Apple has not used Touch ID on flagship iPhones since, I believe, 2017. The only modern iPhones that do are the iPhone SEs.

You have two options:

  1. You can use Face ID. It is also recommended since you do have to worry about shoulder surfing/camers looking at your phone. Face ID allows you to unlock your phone without worrying about that. Very useful with some attacks as of late.
  2. You can use a PIN to unlock Bitwarden in the Settings menu in the Bitwarden app. Just make sure you choose the option to require your master password when you quit Bitwarden (that is, swiping up on Bitwarden from the App Switcher) or when shutting down your phone.

I hope this helps. Have a great day!

Yes. That really helps. Thanks.