IOS; Show Favorites first when entries accessed via other app and no matching entries found

Feature name

  • When accessing Bitwarden within another iOS application and Bitwarden does not display any entries associated with said application, Show Favorites above alphabetical list of entries for easy access to those entries that aren’t recognized.

Feature function

  • When in the password field in a non-Bitwarden app, Bitwarden recognizes the site if possible and displays related entries. However, I have several key iOS applications — among them a banking one and a health insurance one — that are not recognized by Bitwarden. (I have tried adding relevant URIs to the banking application entry with no success.) At which point Bitwarden displays all of my entries in alphabetical order. I then manually search for the entry. Repeat every time. It would save me many clicks, minutes, and frustration if those entries that I have favorited — which include the banking and health insurance apps — show up above (and delineated from) the alphabetical list. I would be much happier with this feature enabled (or with the ability to manually associate an entry with an application in my vault, which would be even better.)

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