iOS problem: syncing iOS app broken after latest update

it is - somehow. Sometimes it syncs when the app is opened, but not every time. Push sync on changes from the host is definitely not working.

Still not working 100%…for me it syncs only when I kill the app completely and than on opening it is syncing after that sync stops working for “days”

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I had to manually tell it to sync from my pc. I had assumed that as the database is online, syncing would be automatic. But it worked - iOS 12.4.1.

I too killed the app first on my iPhone, but don’t know if it is necessary.

It appears that iOS auto syncing is working again since the most recent update. Both in iPad Pro & iPhone 7 (both on iOS 12).

Wondering if anyone is still experiencing sync issues in Sept 2019.

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All three of those are true for me as well.

To be specific about the first bullet in your list, I get live sync to and from web vault, browser extensions, and desktop apps. I also get live sync updates made FROM iPhone (iOS 13, latest BW version) TO web vault, browser extensions, and desktop apps, but I DO NOT get the reverse; Updates FROM web vault/browser extension/desktop app are not pushed to iPhone.

I am a new user of bw and I’ve immediately run into this bug on iOS. Surely this has to be a priority issue, especially given the statement on bw’s homepage:


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