iOS App: Always show favorites on top

When opening Bitwarden app on iOS all favorites are shown on top of the app. But when using auto fill and searching for an entry there are no favorites shown.

It would be very helpful when all favorites are shown on top when searching for auto fill entries.

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For anyone seeing this feature request, it’s similar to this one that I also voted for: Option to change landing page to Favorites instead of All Items

Thanks. I voted for the linked request, too. :slight_smile:

Just read both requests and I don’t think that both requests are the same… :confused:

When opening the iOS app all of my favorites are on top of the app. That’s fine already.

But when trying to login to an app which is not recognized by Bitwarden there are no favorites shown on top. I have to search manually for the needed entry.

That’s why I created this feature request. :slight_smile:

+1, just moved over from LastPass and I’m missing this feature when using the iOS keyboard autofill extension. I have to search for some items now rather than seeing my favorites at the top. Please consider adding this, Bitwarden!


Fingers crossed they will implement this soon.

Bitwarden Devs

Any update on this request?

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