Integrate KeePass with Bitwarden


KeePass is still gold and has lots of good features on the client side. So, it would be very good to integrate with it to be able to leverage the wide range of features that it offers, including but not limited to:

  1. Making use of KeeAgent - A well requested feature here - and many more useful KP Plugins.
  2. Offline access
  3. Active additional encrypted backup of the user vault
  4. Syncronise the encrypted backup to user’s choice of location/cloud.
  5. Currently, Bitwarden’s usage could sometimes have a Chicken and Egg Conundrum.
    Example: The SSH Credentials, VPS Hosting logins, TOTP, Linux root password and etc of the Bitwarden Self-hosted Server… could be stored on Bitwarden itself, but, they won’t be accessible if the Server goes down, which is exactly what is needed to bring the server online!
    But, if a kbdx file is available, this issue could be averted.

Suggested ways of implementation:

  1. As a KeePass Plugin
  2. Expose a virtual .kbdx file over HTTPS WebDav, which would require authentication to download/sync the encrypted file, and then master password to unlock. With potentially OtpKeyProv or KeeChallenge options.
  3. Allow server-side sync of .kbdx file with popular protocols/services: rClone/rSync/SCP/SFTP/WebDav/OneDrive/Google Drive/etc…

This idea is wonderful.

Hi everyone.

I wrote about the importance of integrating keepass with bitwarden and also about the importance of a spa. Please see this: bitwarden-with-version-spa-single-page-application