Bitwarden with version SPA - Single Page Application

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Feature name

  • Bitwarden with version SPA - Single Page Application

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

    1. “SPAs are all about serving an outstanding User Experience with no page reloading and no extra time waiting. A single page application works inside a browser and it is just one web page that you visit which then loads all other content using JavaScript. The most common SPAs are: Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, GitHub and many more.”
    2. “SPA requests the data & mark-up separately and renders pages directly in the browser. We can do this by using advanced JavaScript frameworks & libraries like Angular, React, Vue.js, Meteor.js, Knockout.js and many more. Single-page sites help keep the user in one, comfortable web space where content is presented to the user in a simple, easy and workable fashion.”
    3. There is a desktop version of Bitwarden, there could be a desktop version SPA - Single Page Application as alternative electron for Bitwarden.
  • What benefits will this feature bring?

    1. I recently wrote here… about the importance of a bitwarden version in the spa (single-page-application), the advantage of the spa is that it allows the user to decide how to store their data. For this, the app provides a list of storage providers for access… which can be local (that only work on the local network) or remote (that works outside a local network).
      • eg. dropbox, google drive and bitwarden(storage providers with remote access, that means it works online only).
      • e.g. webdav, remote storage or ftp (these are network protocols that usually work offline or online, but in the case I talk about here they must be local access storage providers, as it will only work locally).
    • Works offline and Less time to load data, information: “SPAs can cache any local data effectively. An SPA sends only one request to the server and then stores all the data it receives, after that it can use this data without requesting data from server and work even offline. If user has bad internet connectivity, then local data can be synchronized with the server when the connection allows.”

    • Easy: “The development of SPA is simplified and streamlined as there is no need to write code to render pages on the server. Single Page Applications are super easy to deploy in production and even to version over time. SPAs can have many interesting features but one of the most important and useful features is attractive UI with material design.”

    • Data synchronization can be done through API call and Does not need to be installed: . “As SPAs don’t update the entire page but only update required dynamic content, they remarkably improve a website’s speed. Most resources & DOM elements are only loaded once throughout the complete cycle of an application. Only data is transmitted back and forth. This is a great advantage as it reduces the page load speed and waiting time for users, and according to Google research, if a page takes more than 2 seconds to load it can have a potentially high impact on business and sales.”

  • example

As we can see in the image, I choose the storage service that can be local or remote. So… users will be more aware of choosing the service that most likes their data. - link: bitwarden-with-version-spa-single-page-application

Related topics + references

Hi everyone.

As we can see in this image there is a sync tab where I can decide where I will store my data(google drive, dropbox, bitwarden, webdav, remote-storage, sqlite etc).This image is publicly available and has been altered for illustration purposes. - license-image-copyright-image

What am I requesting?

A web page with html, css, js - i.e. a frontend only version of Bitwarden. Also, a minimal program for data synchronization. In other words, a SPA version of Bitwarden.

What is necessary?

  1. Ways to sync passwords:
    • local or remote: remote-storage, webdav, smb(server message block), sqlite.
    • only remote: Google drive, dropbox, bitwarden,
  2. A web page with html, css, js - frontend version of Bitwarden.
  3. The password format could be keepass based.

We can see in the image the option

  1. import and export passwords in keepass format
  2. local sync in sqlite format
  3. Remote sync via remote-storage, ftp, webdav, smb, google drive, dropbox or bitwarden api
  4. the visual part is done with html, css, js - however it is spa(single-page-application)
  5. there are several ways to save passwords as csv, json, sqlite or your own format