Install Bitwarden without Docker

Is there an easy way (or a detailed guide for dummies) to install bitwarden without docker?

Have been searching for 2 days for an answer to this.

Docker does not even come close to being a viable option for our infrastructure.


Is there a solution for this. I need also install Bitwarden on a debian server without docker. the deb pakets on github dont run on my Server.
Thanks for help

This is an open-source project, I think as B.W. users we should help to create the native pkg formats we need. I will be interested to work on rpm format since I am more of Fedora/CentOS user.


Synology users would benefit from this to if there was a simple install pkg. Not every Synology NAS has the ability to install docker.


Another good alternative would be to make a snap package. They work across Linux distros.

Would love to use the official core in an LXC container and with a already established MSSQL or MariaDB database. I’ve played around a bit, but there is too less documentation and too less time on my side.

Alternatives are bitwarden-rs or rubywarden atm.

Absolutely awesome project nevertheless!

Docker is not suitable for my environment, would like to deploy in an LXC container with existing MariaDB and Apache server.

+1 for an alternative to the Docker images.


My 2 month old BW instance has been down for a week. It would have been 2 hours tops if it weren’t for the unnecessary Docker layer that I can’t figure out.

Meanwhile, it’s holding my passwords hostage.

Thank FSM for local caching but I’m also left tracking new logins and changes to existing accounts via notepad…something I never had to do with LastPass. Please…for the love of security and all things infosec…ditch this Docker nonsense and give us something with less smoke and mirrors!!


IMHO, docker layer is good for prototyping during project development but it is bad from supporting B.W. perspective.

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Yes, please make a non-docker install for windows.

My experience with docker has been shitty every time…and I can’t get bitwarden to run for 1 hr without it crashing and needing to be restarted…

Im a new user and I already want to throw it out the window.

Agreed, please provide code we can host with Apache or NGINX. I am not new to docker, but I do NOT enjoy using it for critical or production systems.


We are working on a few things in this regard:

  1. Additional Windows configuration documentation
  2. Kubernetes container management configuration docs (this will be a little further out)

This is something i would be interested in as well. LEMP Stack with Bitwarden would be awesome.

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Other db options are on the radar, too!


Either without docker as a stand-alone service we can install on a server, or just let us put a db file on a NextCloud (Or other cloud storage platform) instance we can point Bitwarden towards.

Like all the others here I was kinda’ flabbergasted to find there is no other option than using docker for self-hosted bitwarden. Because of that I’ve decided to not host it myself, which I’m fiercely against because of all the dependencies.
I’m against the use of docker on the debian server I wanted to install it on, if only for the extra load and blackbox-nature it introduces. I like to run my own firewalling (CSF/LFD) and be really aware of how secure it is, if I’d be serving vaults for me and my family/friends. With docker I just can’t.
Just a .deb install package would be fine. I’d serve it using nginx and php-fpm/fastcgi.



I really wanted to give it a try but there’s no way I would want to have docker on our systems.


It’s possible with Bitwarden_rs
Bitwarden_rs | Wiki Fiat tux (sorry it’s in FRench)
Building binary · dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs Wiki · GitHub

I just did it today, it’s working.


Are you any closer on this, do you think? I’m trying to deploy onto k3s and converting the config over from docker is proving to be painful at best.

Any assistance here would be appreciated.