Improved Search Functionality (and Replace)

I’ve just been using Bitwarden a bit cleaning up my passwords, and came discovered a need I thought would be a good addition.

Improved Search, especially in Notes, highlighting the search words in the Note (or the box at right in general, making the highlighting optional in preferences). If you have a long note, Search currently will identify the note, but there is no way to further search to find what you are looking for IN that note. Actually, it might be useful to include a Replace functionality as well.

Splitting the items in your feature request into 2, I think the first, i.e.

May be the same as Find Search Results Within a Note

As for the 2nd,

Might be a new request (though I didn’t do that deep of a search on the forums).

Bitwarden team can scope out if this should be a separate feature request or combined with existing highlighting feature request.

Wow, it looks exactly the same. My search for “Search” turned up zip. Sorry about that.

@GrizzlyiAK No problem. I think there is some issues with the community search too as it doesn’t always suggest the best results.

@tgreer can decide if the replace-portion is a new feature request.

@GrizzlyiAK I think a ‘replace’ function is a valid separate request. If you could, edit the title/description of the thread to match, and we’re good to go :slight_smile: - alternatively, you can start a new one and I can delete this one.

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