Find Search Results Within a Note

Can you please allow search results to be highlighted ‘within’ a note, on both the mobile and desktop apps? The challenge is for longer notes that contain much text, it is difficult to find a desired keyword within the note.

Yep, really interesting. I think it could be very useful.

Once I figured out how to search with wildcards to actually find things, I was surprised the results weren’t highlighted (or made the target of a scroll) when you clicked on the resource. This is really important, especially when people like me have long notes.

I need this too. For long notes I have to use the browser to find rather than the Windows app. Also, I don’t want to use Luna. I just want a proper search feature in the app.

+1 for me too. I actually added another request on this having not found this one, but think it was removed as a duplicate.

I was coming here to suggest this. It will be even better if it has:

  • “Replace” option
  • “Regex” option (like .* button in Visual Studio Code)