Implement a peer-to-peer encrypted file transfer function

Feature name

peer-to-peer file transfer

Feature function

My idea is using bitwarden as a bridge, to send encrypted files
between logged devices connected to the same network , this would function using local lan instead of internet, the file would be encrypted automatically using BW account secret , and then automatically decrypted in the receiving end and stored in folder of choose on local storage.
Since Bitwarden has Send implemented , I guess this would not be straying too much away , actually this feature could be a Send add-on , since it would work locally , there would be no need to limit file size.

There are already other end to end solutions for file sharing purposes if you are looking to use it exclusively for file sharing

Bitwarden send hosts the file on a cloud web server , so its accessible via a link. If you want to do this locally maybe you can do it by self hosting a bitwarden instance on a local server and access it from different machines in your network.
But i don’t know if this would be worth doing if you only require it for file sharing.
There are some e2e open source solutions like rclone , through which you could use to sync your files locally with encryption.
Generally local network is a controlled environment so e2e may not be a necessity always and you could instead rely on a sync solution like syncthing which offers good transportation security between 2 trusted devices once they have been added and sync them automatically.
I think expecting bitwarden to act as a file syncing solution would be deviating too much from its main function.
I hope it helps
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