Ignore specific field when filling

Does Bitwarden allow me to ignore specific fields? For example, a webpage I use has some hidden fields that contain validation data and Bitwarden thinks it’s asking for a username (so when you use Ctrl+Shift+L to fill a password on that page, it overwrites the data in the field, causing issues).

I’ve reviewed the article here: Auto-fill Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help Center but this isn’t to add specific fields to fill, it’s to remove them.

I’ve also already reported the fill issue using the form here: https://forms.gle/NcZ2BmLfKH9txCzz8 but this isn’t mobile specific so I don’t know if it’s needed.

Try defining a custom text field that has a field name matching the id attribute of the hidden input field, but that has a blank value.

If possible, please share what website you are trying to log in to, as this will assist with troubleshooting.

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Well that is an unexpected idea, but works a charm.

Anyway to do a linked field to a TOTP? I can do a separate topic if need be.

Linked fields only work for usernames and passwords, unfortunately.

Gotcha. I will submit a feature request then.

EDIT - for those looking, vote here: Add OTP as a Linked Field

In case you’re not aware, Bitwarden automatically places the generated TOTP code onto the system clipboard when you autofill the username & password fields (e.g., using Ctrl+Shift+L).

Thus, you can just follow the Ctrl+Shift+L autofill with a Ctrl+V to paste the TOTP code.

Yep, am aware and heavily use the shortcut, the only thing is I’d like to have 3 less buttons to push (click in the field, ctrl+v, enter) if possible.

It’s not laziness, it’s efficiency :grinning:.

Here’s another Feature Request that you may want to vote for:

There is even a Pull Request, although it appears to be stalled at the moment:

It’s a great idea, although it seems to target Autofill and the previous idea targets all sorts of fill (including manual).

For security reasons, I don’t use autofill (although many of my users do)