Ignore insecure passwords (Web Vault)

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Feature name

Ignore insecure passwords in the Insecure Passwords Report (Web Vault)

Feature function

Among all passwords, I store my library PIN in the vault. These kinds of services usually require your card number and PIN code to log into a web service. Since it’s a PIN, of course Bitwarden marks it as insecure. It would be nice if I could deliberately mark a password as “yes, I know it’s not a secure password but this is a PIN for logging into my library or grocery store account”.

There are also a few logins which deliberately have insecure passwords, since it’s only used to access university course information or something similar that isn’t private information.

I would want a simple box to check that I’m aware that a password is insecure but that it is fine, since either they are meaningless without a library card or just used to access course information and textbook lists for university.

Would it be feasible to store the PIN in a custom field?

You’d be able to label it, and it would be omitted in these reports.

I still want the automatic fill-in of my log in credentials.

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If you name the custom field appropriately it will still autofill on the browser extensions, if that helps also.

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