I wish I could see which records are favorites in "all items" without opening each record

I would like to globally mark all records in “all items” as favorites and then un-favorite them one by one as I change the passwords. I’m trying to find a way to keep track of which ones have been given a new password after importing them from LastPass.

Hi @Billone and welcome to the forum!

This previous post might be helpful to you:

I faced, I think, the same problem when I migrated from LP at the start of the year. I wanted a report showing the accounts with the date of the last password change and Mr dwbit produced one. I sorted the report by password change date so I knew which passwords I had changed since migrating to BW.

This was the solution I adopted and I found it usefull but he later deleted it? so I hope it is still visible.
I think it will be similar to the solution from RogerDoger