I need to kill a few specific sessions without logging out all of my Bitwarden instances

I’ve already searched for this exact feature and didn’t notice anything. Search function is not a reliable way to detect duplicates.

Feature name

  • Allow the users to kill specific sessions without logging out of every single Bitwarden instance.

Feature function

  • Currently killing sessions kills ALL sessions, which is annoying and almost not worth using.
  • I am locked out of a machine I used to use it on, and had to return the machine to my employer. The employer is going to retrieve some files from the machine, so I have to give them my password, but I don’t want them having access to my Bitwarden account, which I kept logged in on the machine (I think).

Related topics + references

  • This feature is available in most other apps that have multiple logins. This is not a new idea in the industry. Implement it to catch up with the industry.

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