I cant log in! Username or master password wrong!?

I changed my master password earlier today and now I cant access my vault or apps, my five devices are Android/Windows/Linux/Brave extension x2.
Dont know what to do at this point, cant find anything in the forum or the help section about the issue and i havent recived any email or warnings, I use Google 2FA.

Anyone that can help? Anyone else had this issue?

Hello @Yaku_8778 - welcome to the community forums, and sorry to hear that you are having issues logging in to your Bitwarden vault.

This thread and the help page below might be useful. Note that we see this type of issue pop up all the time, but in the vast majority of cases the user made a tiny error entering their login (email address) or password (e.g., missed a character or a capital). Hope you figure out what went wrong.

Thank you! I gave up after 5 hours, I always have a recent download on a cloud so I just set up a new account. But its a bit annoying that I couldn’t figure it out…

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