The app logged Me out by itself then my master password stopped working and finger print is not an option

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The app logged Me out by itself then my master password stopped working and finger print is not an option . The app always has me signed in why was I signed out? I can not access anything and can not reset them. :astonished:

I’m having the same problem. Master password not working either

Did it log you out as well ? I never log out. Usually I keep a hard copy of my password but I just changed some passwords so I didn’t get a chance to write them down.

Quick question - have either of you tried to login to the web vault at If so, you should export a copy of your vault for safety (export a non-encrypted version and store it in a safe place, like on an encrypted drive or an encrypted volume, such as an encyrpted .dmg file on a Mac or a Bitwarden protected USB drive on Windows).

If you are successful at logging in through the web vault, it may be that something is corrupt with your application files. I would uninstall Bitwarden, reboot your device, and then reinstall BW. Hope that works!

I can not log in at all either way and My master password which is right isn’t working.

I am in the same situation as Stephanie. I also never logged out of the app but was forcibly logged out some days ago and since then have not been able to log back in with my master password on the Android app or web vault. Got my password hint sent to email I’m registered with so I know it should be correct but no luck logging in successfully.

Not to say this must be the case for you, but the vast majority (perhaps all?) the posts I have seen where people are unable to login ended up being a user error either in the password (e.g., wrong capitalization for one letter or something) or their email address was incorrect. So you might try a few variations on the password, just in case, and verify that you are using the correct email in case you have multiple emails or multiple alias emails (e.g., Gmail addresses containing periods vs no periods in the username).

Having said this, there was a service degradation recently with Bitwarden and Cloudflare, so it might also be a temporary issue. I can’t recall this ever happening before with Bitwarden, so it is hard to say for sure. Regardless, I hope you get things resolved quickly - reach out to the Bitwarden CS team and I am sure they will help (Get in Touch | Bitwarden).

Thanks David, your suggestion of trying different variations of the password helped! Finally able to login via Android app and web vault.

Stephanie, I hope you’re able to resolve yours as well soon.

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So you just had the wrong password?

Yes, missed a character

i too just faced this prob (app gave error “error has occurred”) and was panicking cos couldnt log in to web vault either
checked n did several things but let me cut to the chase
as i was typing my call for help here, and reporting what i did, one of which was to log on to web vault
i retried the web vault and noticed a msg on the top right of browser window about “login expired”

so i opened an incognito window and tried there - voila, able to log in and immediately did a vault export!
however, still unable to log in to android app. will try a few things but if anyone has any confirmed-working solutions, pls share! thanx!

Same, got logged out this morning and cannot log back in - say username / pass incorrect.
Logged in to webvault and then got kick out right away with pop up session expired (right after logging in)

See what shah wrote about it just before you. As an alternative reboot your device, then try again.